all the my choice nya to Prophet Muhammad in first sequence enlist One hundred Figure having an effect on [in] world possible surprise whereas reader and possible become the question mark [of] some of other. But I hold on to my confidence, dialah of Prophet Muhammad of[is single human being in a success history reach for the extraordinary successs [of] goodness observed from size measure of and also religion earthly scope.
Berasal-Usul from simple family, Muhammad uphold and propagate one of the biggest religion [in] world, Islamic Religion. And at the (time) of which at the same time come up as a taft leader, sterling, and effective. Nowadays thirteen century hereafter pass away the nya, its influence [is] strong still circumstantial and and also take root.
Most of people who contained in this book represent the Iucky creature because delivering birth and enlarged [in] centers of human being civilization have, high culture [to] and political rotation place [of] nations. Muhammad born in the year 570 M, [in] town Mekkah, [in] shares rather south of Jazirah Arabia, a[n place which at that time represent the most situated behind area [in] world, far from commerce center, artistic and also science. Become orphan [in] age six year, enlarged in situation [of] about simple and lower the liver. Islam Source mention that Muhamnmad [of] a illiteracy. its Economics circumstance newly start either in age twenty five year tatkala he/she marry with a widow reside in. However, come near the age fourty year almost do not see the guide exceptionally [his/its] as human being.
Generally, nation the that moment Arab do not embrace the certain religion except pagan [In] town Mekkah [of] there are some minimizing the pemeluk-pemeluk of Jewish religion and Nasrani, and big [of] possibility from them Muhammad for the first time hear the subject of[is existence of one Omnipoten God, arranging experienced seantero. Tatkala he/she have age [to] of empatpuluh year, Muhammad assure that God Which Single The most is submitting something to it and chosen [it] to become the real correct belief spreader.
During three year Muhammad only disseminate the religion limited to near by kith and its consanquinity. Newly tatkala enter the year 613 he/she start to come up [in front/ahead] of public. So he/she little by little have the follower, power Mekkah look into [it] as a dangerous, pembikin commotion. [In] year 622, worriing to its safety, Muhammad migrate to Madinah, town [in] north [of] Mekkah apart 200 mile. [In] town that is offered [by] the position of politics power which enough assure the.
Event migrate this represent the a turning point of[is necessary for Prophet life. [In] Mekkah he/she hard obtain;get the small number of follower, and [in] its Medinah follower more and more to increase so that in tempo quickly he/she can obtain;get the influence making [it] a power handle truthfully. [At] next yrs. whereas follower Muhammad spring up as mushroom, serentetan encounter break [among/between] Mektah and Madinah. This War end the year 630 with the victory on the part of Muhammad, return to Mekkah as conqueror. Remains [of] two and a half year from its life [is] he/she witness the extraordinary progress in the case of quickly it[him] Arab terms embrace the Islamic Religion. And Tatkala Muhammad pass away the year 632, he/she have ascertained the x’self as effective power [of] seantero Jazirah Arabia [of] part of south.
Tribe Bedewi have the tradition by generations as taft soldier and dare to. But, their amount is not a lot of and [is] ever tempted [by] a dissolution and each other belabour one another. That their cause cannot excel the army from well established empires [in] agriculture area [in] north cleft. But, Muhammadlah [of] first person in history, strong motivation blessing [of] belief to God singleness, that small Arab team ready to [do/conduct] the serentetan conquest nonplusing in human being history. [In] side timurlaut Arab stand up the New Persian Empire [of] wide Sassanids. [In] baratlaut Arabia stand up the Byzantine or Empire of Romawi East by Konstantinopel as its center.
[Is] observed from the aspect of sum up and size measure, clear [of] Arab [do] not will able to face [it]. But, [in] battlefield, Arab team smouldering the spirit [of] with the flash sweep can conquer the Mesopotamia, Siria, and Palestinian. In the year 642 Egypt grabbed from grasp of Empire Byzantine, and meanwhile balatentara Persian roughed up in encounter which very determine [in] Qadisiya year 637 and [in] Nehavend year 642.
But, mass conquest — below/under head of Prophet friend and its substitution [is] Dusty [of] Bakr And Umar ibn al-Khattab– that [do] not show the marking stop to reach the situ. In the year 711, Arab team have sweeped used up North African till to Atlantic Ocean edge. From there they luff to north and wade the Strait Gibraltar and belabour the empire Visigothic [in] Spanyol.
At first sight people must estimate the Muhammadan team will chop down used up all Nasrani Europe. But in the year 732, in awful and celebrated encounter [in] Tours, one team Muslimin gone forward to center of French country [is] in the end beated by Franc people. Although so, only in tempo of secuwil of encounter century, this people Bedewi – soul with the utterance of Prophet Muhammad- have founded a empirium unfold from India frontier till white sand [of] coastal edge [of] Atlantic Ocean, a biggest empirium [is] which have been recognized [by] a human being history. And whereabout even also conquest [done/conducted] by Muhammadan team, [is] always caught up by in large numbers [it] incoming pemeluk [of] Islamic Religion.
In the reality, [do] not all that regional conquest have the character of permanent. Persian People, although still devoted follower [of] Islamic Religion, retake its independence from Arab hand. And [in] Spanyol, hereafter [through/ passing] war seven duration century finally succeed re-mastered by people Nasrani. Meanwhile, Mesopotamia And Egypt two birth place ancient culture, constantly within Arab hand as does north coastal seantero [of] African. Islamic Religion, of course, disseminating non-stoped from one century to other;dissimilar century, far step from area taklukan. Generally millions of follower of Islam bertebaran [in] African, Middle Asia, more Pakistan and India northside and also Indonesia. In Indonesia, That new Islamic Religion represent the unifier factor. [In] India subcontinent, almost on the contrary: existence of that new religion become the root cause [of] the happening of dissolution.
Whether/What most elementary Prophet Muhammad influence to history of ummat human being? As does religion others also, Islam have the extraordinary influence [is] level of to all its follower. cause why big religion spreader [in] world [of] all earning space in this book. If measured from amount, to the number of pemeluk of Religion Nasrani twofold the level of from pemeluk Islamic Religion, by itself arise what question mark [is] reason of placing higher Prophet Muhammad sequence from Jesus Prophet in list. There [is] two reason of fundamental which become my hold. [is] First, Muhammad play role much more important in Islam development [of] compared to role of Jesus Prophet to Religion Nasrani. Although Jesus Prophet hold responsible to fundamental teaching [of] moral and Christian ethics ( certain to to a point differ from the Judaism), St. Paul represent the especial spreader figure [of] Christian theology, its spreader figure, and writer [of] a great deal of Old Agreement.
On the contrary Muhammad [of] not only holding responsible to Islam theology but at one blow also to ethics specifics and its moral. Over and above he/she ” marker” Holy Book Al-Quran, apocalipse corps to Muhammad believed come [is] direct the than Allah. For the most part from this apocalipse [is] copied fully seriousness [of] during Muhammad above the ground and [is] later;then mustered in the form of which do not be shaken down do not be old hereafter he/she pass away the. interconnected to Al-Quran thereby sliver with the view Muhammad and also its teachings because he/she rely on God apocalipse. On the contrary Muhammad [of] not only holding responsible to Islam theology but at one blow also to ethics specifics and its moral. Over and above he/she ” marker” Holy Book Al-Quran, apocalipse corps to Muhammad believed come [is] direct the than Allah. For the most part from this apocalipse [is] copied fully seriousness [of] during Muhammad above the ground and [is] later;then mustered in the form of which do not be shaken down do not be old hereafter he/she pass away the. interconnected to Al-Quran thereby sliver with the view Muhammad and also its teachings because he/she rely on God apocalipse. On the contrary, nothing;there is no one even also corps which so [is] detailed the than Jesus teaching which admit of met [in] a period of/to now. Because Al-Quran for clan Muslimin [of] more or less [is] of equal important with the Bible for clan Nasrani, influence Muhammad by the instrumentality of [his/its] very big Al-Quran. possibility of Influence Muhammad in Islam [of] bigger than influence of Jesus and St. Paul in the world of Christian joined to [by] grow into one. Measured from exclusively religion angle;corner, seems equivalent influence Muhammad with the Jesus in human history.
Farther than that ( differing from Jesus) Muhammad [of] non eye of religion leader but also earthly leader. Fact show, as impeller strength to conquest motion [done/conducted] [by] a Arab nation, its politics leadership influence stay in the position terdepan a spell of.

From all sort of history event, people might possibly say that matter can be happened [by] without special leadership from somebody heading them. For example, colony [in] South America might possibly can free from the colonialism Spanyol of[is although Simon Bolivar have never [in] world. But, for example this not applicable [at] conquest motion [done/conducted] [by] a Arab nation. Nothing;There is no similar occurence before Muhammad and nothing;there is no reason to deny that conquest can be happened and succeed without Muhammad. Single looking like in the case of conquest in history [of] human being [in] century ke-13 which is some of fundamental of blessing of influence of Jengis Khan. This Conquest, although broader [of] its reach compared to what [done/conducted] [by] a Arab nation, is not can prove the setled condition, and nowadays the single area occupied by Mongol nation only same region with before a period of/to Jengis Khan.
This clear show the big difference with the conquest [done/conducted] by Arab nation. Unfolding Iraqi till Marocco, unfolding enchain the Arab nation coalescing, non eye of blessing of anutan [of] Islamic Religion but also from majors of Ianguage Arabnya, history and culture. Central position [of] Al-Quran [of] among clan Muslimin and writing of in Arab Ianguage, big [of] possibility represent the cause why Arab Ianguage [do] not terpecah-pecah into dialects which is [among/between]. Otherwise, might be have will be happened [in] century to l3. difference And Arab division into some state [is] of course happened – of course- and its reality (it) is true so, but dissolution having the character of blow by blow that don’t then make the neglect us that their association still be extant. But, goodness of Iran and also Indonesia which is the two country populate the Muslimin and both oil producer, [do] not follow to merge into the attitude of oil embargo [of] [at] year winter 1973 – 1974. On the contrary is not coincidence goods [of] if all Arab state, solely Arab state, what take action the oil embargo.
Become, earn we witness the, conquest [done/conducted] [by] a Arab nation [in] century ke-7 non-stoped to play role important in history of ummat [of] human being till in this time. From facet here I am assess the existence of combination do not be compared to [by] [among/between] facet of coherent earthly facet and religion [at] influence of x’self Muhammad so that I assume the Muhammad in personal meaning [is] most having an effect on human being in human being history.


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