kong hu-cu

Not any more, Kong Hu Cu-a great Chinese philosopher. And not one more, he who first system developers incorporate natural mind and trust the Chinese the most fundamental. Filosofinya people perorang concerning morality and conception of a government on how to serve people and sodomy memerintahnya behavior example-have been so absorbed blood and flesh of the Chinese culture for more than two thousand years. Furthermore, also affect the other part of the world population.

Born around the year 551 BC in a small town Lu, is now entering the province of Shantung in northeastern mainland China. In young father left off, making life miserable on the side of his mother. Time adult so he teri-class civil servants, but after the lapse of several years decided he dislodged himself only passable. Throughout the next six years Kong Hu Cu-so teachers, little by little and explore the influence of cohort filosofinya adherence. Tread age fifty years bintangnya start shining because he can perch on the city government Lu.

The fortune is not forever it seems friendly because the people who are envious of this ulah and ulah that menyeretnya to court so that not only successfully mencopotnya’s seat positions, but also make them leave the city. Not less than three years duration Kong Hu Cu-feet which to roam over, so teachers around, return to the new home five years before his death 479 years BC.

Kong Hu Cu-often regarded as the founder of a religion; this presumption, of course, decline. He rarely connect with the divine ajarannya, reject talks natural Life, and strictly avoid any waffle with shoptalk metaflsika. He no more and no less-a secular philosopher, merely deals with the moral issues of political and personal behavior and morals.

There are two values are very important, said Kong Hu Cu-, which is “yen” and “Li:” “Yen” is often translated with the word “Love,” but actually a more defined “Keramah-tamahan in relationship with someone.” “Li” be depicted as a combination of behavior, of worship, habit, and tatakrama polite.

Veneration of ancestors, the basic bin basically trust the Chinese even before the birth of Cu-Hu Kong, diteguhkan again with more emphasis to family loyalty and respect for parents. Teachings Kong Hu Cu-also underlines the importance of a necessity to put the wife respect and obey the husband and the similar obligation of a citizen to the government. This is quite different from the stories of the people that China is always opposed every form of tirani. Kong Hu Cu-sure, there is no other country to serve the interests of the people, not terputar request. Not tired-jemunya Kong Hu Cu-emphasized that the authorities have ruled first give an example based on the example of the moralist and not play hard and kemplang. And a law ajarannya slightly similar to “Golden Rule” is a Christian says “What you do not like other people do for yourself, do not do.”

Main view of the main Cu-Hu Kong basically very conservative. According hematnya, golden era is past, and he urges the authorities and people to return home, keep the size of the moral genah, does not digress. The fact that there is not a matter that is easily faced. Desire Kong Hu Cu-order regime remarkably rage, but the show paragon of good is not so smooth in the beginning-the beginning of time. Therefore, Kong Hu Cu-more approach a reformer, the innovators rather than what is indeed so idamannya.

Kong Hu Cu-era life in the Chou Dynasty, a period menyuburnya intellectual life in China, while the authorities do not have the same advice once-petuahnya. New wafatlah after he spread the teachings ajarannya-wide to all corner of China.

Berbetulan with the emergence of Ch’in Dynasty 221 years BC, a period which is very bleak. Emperor Shih Huang Ti, the first emperor Ch’ing dynasty bertekat rounded out the rake Kong Hu Cu and-cut chain of contact the past. The command menggencet daily fine teachings Kong Hu Cu-and both the informer and the bouncer and a professional troublemaker to do large-scale search, seize all the books that contain teachings Kong Hu Cu-and dicemplungkan in bonfire ash to be destroyed. Turpitude this plan is also apparently not susceptible. When approaching the Ch’ing dynasty ambruknya time, the follower-Cu-Hu Kong rose again fervor and enthusiasm inspire more doctrine-Kong Hu Cu. In the next dynasty (Han Dynasty 206 years BC – 220 M). Confucianisme become the official philosophy of China.

Starting from the Han dynasty, emperor-emperor at the Chinese for selection at the system for those who want to become civil servants with the road through a test so that civil servants should not be haphazard but people have good quality standards and moral skills. Old-time selection and the effective weight: eye exam include basic philosophy-Kong Hu Cu. Because the country is so pegawal ladder is a ladder to the material welfare and social status keterangkatan, please dimaklumi between when the fight occurred peminat fierce scramble place. Due next generation of ber-generation pentolan-China intellectual pentolan in large-scale menekuni until the worm berkunang treasury posts Không classical Hu-Cu. And, for centuries the entire civil service consists of the Chinese people stand on the philosophical views Kong Hu Cu-. This system (with only slight variation) lasted almost two thousand years, starting from 100 BC to 1900 M.

But, Confucianisme philosophy is not only official Chinese government, but also received and dihayati by most Chinese people, to affect the basics of their mind, a scout thinking direction during the time period more than two thousand years.

There are several reasons why Confucianisme have such tremendous influence on the Chinese people. First, the honesty and plainness Kong Hu Cu-no need to doubt. Second, he is a moderate and practical, and not ask too many things that were not able to be carried out of people. If Kong Hu Cu-desire someone so respected, that person does not need to be digging saintlike first. In this case, as in the case of academic-ajarannya the other, he at once reflect and translate the Chinese character practical. Aspect of this is likely to be a success factor terpokok teachings Kong Hu Cu-. Kong Hu Cu-not ask too much. For example, he does not ask the Chinese exchange basic belief ever. Of the fact, Kong Hu Cu follow-language support with a clear clean so they do not need to beringsut. It seems, there is not a philosopher anywhere in the world so close to the brush in the case of views with the fundamental as well as population-Kong Hu Cu.

Confucianisme that emphasize a series of obligations which is addressed to individuals rather than poke their rights-it seems stodgy and less interesting for the size of the Western world. As a philosophy of exceptional statesman looks effective. Measured from the point of the ability maintain harmony and prosperity of the country in China in a period of not less than two thousand years, can be clear with disejajarkan forms of government in the world.

Ideas philosophy Kong Hu Cu-rooted the culture of China, is not influential in many areas outside East Asia. In Korea and Japan are obvious influences, and this is the second country that is highly influenced by Chinese culture.

Currently Confucianisme in guram situation in China. The problem, Communist government exert every effort in order to regard the mind of the past is lost Samasekali. With the persistent and systematic Confucianisme digempur likely out until a time that is not so much disappeared from the earth Confucianisme China. But because in the past, the root of Confilcianisme so steep menghunjam the earth in China, not the impossible, whether one hundred or one hundred fifty lahun will come – some Chinese philosophers capable off two big ideas: Confucianisme teachings and the teachings of Mao Tse-Tung

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