bhs inggris

1.a.adv clause an adv clause consists of a subject and apredicate that modifies a preceding noun or pronoun
b.adv commands : have a sign ! In the end sentence
c.adv request : this adv use when you want to ask someone

2.a lana was planning go to market with her mom
b.i’am leading the army
c.jono was reporting for his task
d.was forecasting for the result’s her exam brother directed me for my homework extra lesson teacher was controlling my homework boyfriend give me motivation for my task best friend was coordinating my house
i.i’am was staffing my friends in the company
j.i want to join his organization

Me : Hey dude, how your day ?
My friend’s : it’s nice,thanks how about you
Me : Same dude
My friend’s Owh I see,hey how about the game MU Vs Milan Last Night
Me : It’s fantastic game you know,Mu win with the score 4-0
My friend’s : So.. the winner is MU Right ?
Me : no doubt bro
My friend’s : thanks for the information
Me : Your welcome


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