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• Coordination using a conjunction
The conjunctions that we use for coordinating the sentences are and, but, for, nor, or, so, yet etc. Each of these conjunctions represent a different meaning and used in different situations.
“And” is used to link between or combine two ideas.
She became addicted to gambling — and that surprised no one who knew her
“But” is used to combine two con¬trast ideas.
Chika lost a fortune in the stock market, but he still seems able to live quite comfortably
“For” is used to show a cause.
Most of the visitors were happy just sitting around in the shade, for it had been a long, dusty journey on the train
“Nor” is used to give a negative meaning.
That is neither what you said nor what you meant

• Marketing
A marketing plan serves as a roadmap when it comes to your marketing initiatives. It details the success route that you will need to follow to get your small business noticed by potential customers. A detailed marketing plan will show you what to do and help you understand why you are doing it. It will also help you navigate away from the marketing and business mistakes that will cost you money, time and future growth potential. As a small business owner equipped with a marketing plan, you will feel more organized, have more confidence and a clear vision when it comes to your marketing goals. Put in simple terms a marketing plan increases your chance to achieve the business success that you desire. If you’ve never created a marketing plan, I also suggest that you try doing the 90-day plan. It is less intimidating and helps you to focus on the short-term need. You can also focus on the immediate needs of the company. There are many benefits to creating a 90-day plan. Learn how a 90-day plan can keep you on target and help in your overall master planning.How will your business do in the next decade?


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  1. qhizty Says:

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